An irresistible yellow beryl is suspended in an intricate framework between a radiant pair of shield shape diamonds. The band and centre claws were crafted in yellow gold to showcase the centre stone. $950
With its fiery intensity this vibrant orange princess cut spessartite garnet is encased in gleaming yellow gold. Diamond set white gold shoulders bookend the centre completing this captivating piece. $870
An electric blue cushion cut Ceylonese sapphire is centred between a matched pair of vivid white brilliant cut diamonds on a gleaming yellow gold band. $1,200
A mesmerising spessartite garnet was suspended in rose gold claws above a halo of crisp white diamonds. Note the intricate rose gold fretwork on the side of the setting. $940
A captivating Rhodolite garnet is offset in a flowing burst of radiant white diamonds in two tone gold. $1,550
Glittering sapphire encircled with a halo of pave set diamonds with a matching diamond encrusted band crafted in vivid white gold $1,760
With a fiery intensity this marquise spessartite garnets dazzles between a matched pair of bullet shaped diamonds. Note the concaved V claws and how the yellow gold band compliments the centre piece. $1,200
Inspired by the art-deco movement this vibrant yellow sapphire was featured in yellow gold claws between triangles of pave set diamonds. $2,150
A breathtaking emerald cut tanzanite is bookended by perfectly matched crisp white shield shape diamonds. This statement piece is further enhanced with a triangular diamond set two tone band. This piece is visually stunning from every angle. $1,620
Reminiscent of a tropical lagoon. This spectacular cushion cut aquamarine is accentuated by a concentric diamond set frame above a band of shimmering white gold. $1,350

Gorgeous vivid green Columbian emerald cradled in yellow gold claws above a starburst of heart and round brilliant cut diamonds. The centre piece is accentuated by a crisp split white gold band.


Breathtaking vivid pink oval cut Paraiba type tourmaline suspended above a finely hand set diamond studded undercarriage. A pair of matched heart shaped diamonds create a pleasing symmetry. A hand wrought 18ct yellow gold band completes this romantic statement piece. $1,760
An enchanting vivid blue cushion cut aquamarine is framed with crisp white brilliant cut diamonds on a hand forged tapered white gold band. How romantic! $890
Sensational mint green beryl encircled by a halo of vivid white pave set diamonds. The unusual hand wrought band in gleaming 18ct yellow gold compliments the stunning centre piece. $780
Exquisite oval pink tourmaline cradled in a handmade setting. The hand forged 18ct white gold band is diamond set and is split around a pair of perfectly matched pear shape diamonds. $1,350
Lively bright green emerald is framed in 18ct yellow gold. The bevelled white gold surround was diamond set in panels which were accentuated by a pair of matched caressa cut diamonds. The band was hand wrought and sculpted in 18ct yellow gold. $2,300
Spectacular oval cut ruby was encased in a 18ct white gold basket with a delicately hand pierced rose gold motif. The centre piece is accentuated by perfectly matched crisp white heart shape diamonds. A subtle 18ct rose gold band was hand wrought then sculpted to form a romantic flowing band. Truly one of a kind. Mesmerising from every angle. $2,620
Exquisite purple sapphire cradled between a pair of perfectly matched shield shape diamonds handmade in 18ct white gold. Note the subtle yellow gold scrolls under the setting. $1,980
Simple yet elegant. Intense pink oval spinel enclosed in a rub-over encircled by finely hand set brilliant cut diamonds in a concentric oval cushion. The centre piece is suspended above a hand wrought white gold band with a rose gold motif. $1,200
This astonishingly beautiful trilliant cut sapphire was simply set in three V claws on a hand set princess cut diamond band. Note the diamond encrusted side profile. Breathtaking! $1,650
A stunning big emerald cut burgundy tourmaline set in a deco style setting of diamonds on a beautiful bright white gold band. $1,340
A royal blue square cut Ceylon saphire set in an intricate bow like setting of diamonds on a white gold band. Exquisite! $2,420
A beautiful big oval steel blue cushion cut tourmaline bordered with brilliant cut diamonds forming a stylish floral setting on a white gold band set with diamonds. $1,430
A big bold mesmerising dark green emerald cut tourmaline with a 'V' shaped setting inlaid with diamonds on a white gold band. $1,190
A simple enchanting blue oval brilliant cut Ceylon saphire highlighted by heart shaped diamonds as side settings on a white gold band. Eye catching! $1,670
A very unusual dark green tear drop shaped tourmaline set in a simple white gold setting on a white gold band inset with bright brilliant cut diamonties. This really does make a statement! $990
A very unusual beautiful bright tri color emerald cut tourmaline with a sterling silver floral setting makes an appealing eye catching pendant. $560
A stunning sterling silver butterfly with wings set with bright green chrysoprase. $480
An Edwardian (c.1903) 9ct. gold bracelet with an engraved heart locket padlock. $750
An Edwardian (c.1903) sterling silver soverign case with intricate stylised engraved pattern. $ 250
An beautiful Edwardian sterling silver fob chain spinner with shell opal inlay. $120 
Edwardian 9ct. gold locket and fine linked chain. $350 
Stainless steel rings with black oyster and mother of pearl inlay. Sold in packs of 50 - $50
Stainless steel with shell opal and mother of pearl inlay. Packs of 50 - $50
Packs contain assorted sizes.


200% PROFIT!!!

Stainless steel bangle inlaid with pink pearl shell. $3
Stainless steel bangle inlaid with cream pearl shell. $3
A beautiful pair of lustrous 8mm natural pearl stud earings. $80